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Jackson Hole Massage

Connectedness Awaits

Connecting with Jackson Hole’s wild beauty will bring you back to center, calm your soul, and tame your wanderlust. Balance your external adventures with the intrinsic health-boosting benefits of massage, and find true relaxation and connectedness in the mountains.

The Benefits Of Massage

Deep relaxation is one of the most immediate benefits of massage. After a day exploring the vast beauty of our valley, taking this time to quiet your mind and your body allows you to rest your thoughts and re-center your energy.

Massage also:

  • Improves circulation throughout the body
  • Reduces muscle tension
  • Calms stress and reduces cortisol levels
  • Improves joint health
  • Helps control your mental alertness
  • Increases your sense of peace and wellbeing


Massage Styles

Different types of massage can be used to boost the mind-body connection.

Therapeutic massage is most often used to calm and relax the body. This type of massage also increases blood flow, and is an ideal massage for those looking to melt stress away.

Reflexology massage promotes mind/body healing, and turns on the body’s natural healing process by gently massaging “reflex” points across the body. The benefits of Reflexology massage are best seen by those looking to heal damaged tissue and fight inflammation.

Shiatsu massage and acupuncture have similar effects. This massage style is useful for those with specific areas of the body they want to target, and is most often used to improve energy flow.

There are many other types of massage, however the best fit for you should be one that allows you to slow your thoughts, relax your muscles, and renew your spirit.

Where to Get a Massage in Jackson Hole

Here at the Cloudveil, we pride ourselves on recommending only the best Jackson Hole service providers. To book your massage, we recommend visiting:

Ollie Tripp Massage

Our partner at Ollie Tripp Massage provides Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular and even prenatal massage in the comfort of your own room or suite. Book a mood-boosting massage in your hotel room here:

Ollie Tripp Massage

Reservations: 253-381-2838

Body Sage Spa at the Rusty Parrot Lodge

Set back behind the Rusty Parrot Lodge, the Body Sage Spa is a beautiful place to find rest and relaxation. The spa offers a range of replenishing services: massage for post-adventure aches or deep relaxation; facials to soothe parched skin and exquisite rituals for a transformative experience.

Body Sage Spa

Reservations: (307) 733-4455

The Chill Spa

The Chill Spa at Hotel Terra is one of the most popular spas in town. This luxury day spa provides guests with several types of massage including Hot Bamboo Therapy, Sore Muscle Massage, Essential Oil Therapy and More. To book your reservation:

The Chill Spa

Reservations: 307-739-4055


Spa Terre is also a great option for those looking for a day of rejuvenation. Set against the majesty of the Teton Mountain Range, SpaTerre offers luxury spa accommodations, seven treatment rooms, couples massages, and more. To book your reservation:


Reservations: 307-732-6865

Rustic Inn Spa

Immerse yourself in a full spa experience at the Rustic Inn. This oasis from the stress of daily life will have you feeling rejuvenated and renewed. Packages and spa information is available on their website:

Rustic Inn Spa

Reservations: 307-203-0200

Four Seasons Spa

The Spa at Four Seasons is a great way to unwind after a fun day on the slopes or exploring the wilderness. To book your reservation or get more information on their spa packages, see their website here:

Four Seasons Spa

Reservations: (307) 732-5120


Find yourself rejuvenated in Jackson Hole at The Cloudveil this year. Discover more recommendations from our Pathfinders on our blog.