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Fly Fishing

An Unforgettable Experience

Fly fishing in Jackson Hole isn’t just about the unmatched vistas and abundant trout, it’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the stillness of nature, aside or afloat on the iconic Snake River, surrounded by the towering Tetons. It is connecting with the elemental roots of the region while embarking on a transformative experience.

Sunrise Trout Release

Booking Your Trip

Our pathfinders will assist you in booking the idyllic fishing trip based on personal preference and situation. Whether you are a curious first-timer, a parent taking kids out to learn, or an experienced fisherman with specific goals, our team will ensure you embark on a trip perfect for you.

To guarantee availability of this popular Jackson Hole past time, our Pathfinders recommend reserving your dates as early as possible to guarantee your time on the water.

From true novice to seasoned expert, guided tour or solo mission, our selection of local outfitters will craft an unforgettable experience for your whole crew.

Preferred Vendors:

Triangle X Fly Fishing
Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School
JD High Country Outfitters
Wandering Angler
Rendezvous Anglers

Sunrise Snake River


Whether you are heading out to explore on your own, or taking a guided tour, here are some of our pathfinder’s favorite spots to experience:

  • Drifting from the bridge at Wilson to Southpark boat ramp
  • Lewis Lake in Yellowstone towards the beginning of the season
  • Green River, Salt River, Greys River for rivers with more fishing pressure than the Snake
  • Jackson Lake
  • Yellowstone River and Firehole river up in Yellowstone
  • Hiking into Heart Lake in Yellowstone to fish (12+ miles roundtrip hike)


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A 3 Day Summer Itinerary Highlighting Yellowstone, Grand Teton & Jackson Hole

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