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Jackson Hole Paragliding


Jackson Hole is perfectly located within the rugged terrain of the Grand Teton range, which makes it a prime place to experience true elevation. There’s no better time to get acquainted with the higher atmosphere here, than in late summer. We’ve asked our Pathfinders to document a few of their favorite ways to experience the high-life in Jackson Hole.

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Tram and Gondola

One of the most popular ways to experience the heights of Jackson Hole is on the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Tram and Bridger Gondola. Although the Tram is closed for summer 2021, the Gondola is running and will take you up 2,700 vertical feet to an elevation of over 9,000′. The 12 minute ride delivers you to sweeping views and a launch point for adventures including premier hiking trails, yoga, dining options at three restaurants including The Deck, paragliding and Via Ferrata tours. Be sure to pack a camera to document your journey.

Grand Teton Hiking

Hiking the towering peaks of the Grand Tetons is a well known activity for locals and visitors alike. Challenge yourself with an al fresco tour of the mesmerizing landscape and find yourself marveling at the grandeur, wildness and distinct beauty found only in the mountains. Hundreds of miles of trails range from leisurely walks to boulder scrambles, around pristine alpine lakes or up far beyond the tree line. Our Pathfinders will help you plan the idyllic trail experience to make the most of your time in the Tetons. Be sure and hike prepared, including packing in your supplies with you: a water bottle, hiking boots, sunscreen, bug spray and extra clothing to make your experience seamless and memorable.

Hot Air Balloon Tour

Get lifted with one of Jackson Hole’s more out of the ordinary experiences. A hot air balloon tour of the area will give you a view of the valley that few have experienced. Whether you’re looking to take the kids on a memorable trip, or find a secluded spot for you and that special someone, this is sure to be one journey you won’t forget.


If you’re looking to get a clear view of the landscape and an adrenaline rush, there’s no better place than flying high on your own personal glider. Paragliding in Jackson Hole is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and will leave you forever changed as you feel the thrill of weightless flight above the expansive valley floor.

Chart Your Adventure

Our Pathfinders are here to help you put together the ideal day in the clouds during your time here in Jackson. Prefer to stay on the ground? Read our blog On The Water: Experience The Elements In Jackson Hole.


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